Q:  Will you play special song requests that are not on the song list?

A:  We are happy to consider special song requests if they are made at least 30 days prior to the wedding.  It takes time to find the sheet music and learn new pieces. Also, there will be an additional fee associated with special requests to accommodate the preparation that will be required.

Q:  Are you willing to play music in other cities besides St. George?

A:  At this time we are only offering to play for events in St. George, UT and its surrounding cities (St. George, Ivins, Santa Clara, Washington, Hurricane)

Q:  Do you play for outdoor weddings?

A:  Yes, if the outdoor temperature is between 65 and 85 degrees, with no precipitation. These limitations are to protect the instruments from damage. It is hard to keep instruments in tune when the temperatures are in either extreme, which is why we will only play in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees.  Additionally, for outdoor weddings, the harp will need a flat surface to stand on and protection from direct sunlight.

Q: Do you play at other events in addition to weddings?

A: Yes, we will play at funerals, restaurants, and a number of other venues

Q: What days of the week are you available?

A: We are available to play on weekdays and Saturdays.

Q: Do you provide amplification for your instruments?

A: Our harp has a electronic pickup installed that can be hooked up to an amplifier or a sound system.  You will need to provide a microphone for the violin if you desire to amplify it.  

Q: What is the youngest age you will teach?

A: Ruth and Emma will both be willing to teach children as young as 5 years old if they are able to be focused and well behaved during lessons. Hilary will teach voice students who are 12 years old and older.