Voice Lessons

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For more information about my education and training, see the "About Us" page.

My highest priority as a voice teacher is vocal health, endurance, and freedom.  Students will improve vocal technique with vocal exercises which will increase their range (so they can sing higher and lower), their resonance (so they can project), and their tone.  Students are expected to do these exercises every day.  Students will have a lot of fun learning from a variety of genres, whether it is musical theater, classical art songs, and folk songs.  Additional topics we will be focusing on include aural skills, sight reading, music theory, poise, stage presence, and confidence.  The minimum age student that I will accept is 12.  This is because of an anatomical phenomenon called the "mutational chink," which refers to the vocal folds not being able to completely close until after a singer's voice matures.  This "mutational chink" is the reason for breathiness in many young girl singers and will start to resolve on its own as a person reaches maturity.  At this point, it is a great time to start voice lessons.  Before a voice is mature, I personally feel that voice lessons can be fun, but perhaps non-productive.