Violin Lessons

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I have been studying violin since I was 5, and have been teaching since I was 13. I love music, and especially love seeing my students develop that same love. 

I started taking violin lessons from Dr. Vincent Phelan in Cincinnati, Ohio when I was 5 years old. Following moving to Utah when I was 11, I started taking lessons from Bonnie Romkey, who I currently study with. I graduated from SUCCESS Academy High School and received my Associate's Degree from Dixie State University in May 2019.

My teaching method is a mix of the Suzuki Method and the Traditional Method. I was originally trained with the Suzuki Method, but transferred to a mix of different methods used by Bonnie Romkey when I began studying with her.

The Suzuki Method teaches using the mother-toungue approach, which revolves around trying to teach music the way children learn to speak--by being immersed in it and imitating what they hear. This method works especially well with young children, and when the student's parents are willing to be heavily involved in the learning process.

I start my younger students using the Suzuki Method, and then as they progress, I transfer them to a more traditional method. With the traditional method, my students sightread pieces and perfect them. Students can choose the pieces they play more often, and they become more independent from their parents in practicing.

I believe that each student is unique and that there isn't one right way to teach violin. I adapt to the needs of each individual student and my first priority is that they can learn to love their instrument.